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The collections at GAM are made up of over 45,000 works including paintings, sculptures, installations, and photographs in addition to a rich variety of drawings and engravings and one of the most important artist video libraries in Europe.
Drawing upon this heritage, GAM is steadfast to its original mission as regards contemporary research while encouraging constant exchange between its historical works and today’s cultural debate and basing its exhibitions on the close relationship between contemporary practices and historical collections.

The Museum holds works by some of the most illustrious 19th-century Italian artists like Canova, Fontanesi, Fattori, Medardo Rosso, and Pellizza da Volpedo as well as 20th-century masters including Balla, Boccioni, Casorati, Modigliani, De Chirico, Martini, Morandi, De Pisis, and Fontana. GAM also possesses significant works by masters from the international historic avant-gardes like Klee, Picabia, Picasso, Ernst, Dix, Calder, along with works from the new avant-gardes from after World War II, through one of the most important collections of Arte Povera with artists like Merz, Boetti, Pistoletto, Paolini, Zorio, Anselmo, and Penone. The Museum also pays great attention to more recent practices, like Warhol, Twombly, and Kiefer, and offers the public a series of events with the most interesting exponents from the art world as well as major exhibitions with Italian and foreign artists on topics concerning cutting-edge artistic research.

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The GAM of Torino collects different types of works, from paintings to sculptures, through video art and many other supports. Within this archive you will be able to discover the different works according to the support on which they were conceived.

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