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Inclusion and Accessibility

What we do

With associations and institutions we conceive and develop new practices, activating models and solutions suited to hosting visitors with their special needs, offering both tools for autonomy and structured itineraries.

Tools for autonomy

The upper floor of the Museum offers multisensorial panels with features that allow them to be used by visitors who are sight or hearing impaired, as well as by all visitors to access information on the paintings. Moreover, social stories can also be downloaded and printed.


SPICE (Social cohesion, Participation, and Inclusion through Cultural Engagement) is a Horizon2020 European project that includes defining a protocol of active care as regards disadvantaged categories: for GAM this concerns social media intended for the hearing impaired, developed in collaboration with the University of Turin and the Institute for the Deaf of Pianezza. The reference community and all citizens can use the webAPP GAMgame to share their opinions and interact with a selection of works from the collection.