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Welcome to GAM

Welcome to GAM, the Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art inTurin!

Turin was the first Italian city to promote a public collection of modern art as a constituent part of its Civic Museum, opened in 1863. The GAM – Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art today preserves approximately 45,000 works including paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, a significant collection of graphics,and  an important collection of films, artist videos and documentaries.
The building also houses the Art Library and the Photographic Archive of the Fondazione Torino Musei.
GAM offers the public a broad program of exhibitions with Italian and international artists that also address the most current contemporary research.

It is a lively museum, capable of curating and proposing debates, conferences, meetings as well as collaborating with museums and other national and international institutions, in a continuous dialogue between the past and the present.

Furthermore, the Education Department constantly updates and develops its commitment, with a rich program that facilitates the learning process by combining the aesthetic approach to the works with the creative reworking of the experience, for school students of all levels, families, young people and adults. It proposes various projects for accessibility and inclusion by working closely with local associations.

The collection is constantly growing thanks to donations, with the decisive contribution of the Fondazione Guido ed Ettore De Fornaris and the Fondazione CRT per l'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea.

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A thought from the Director

GAM - the oldest Gallery of Modern Art in Italy, which houses important collections from the 19th and 20th centuries - states its educational function every day, multiplying the channels with which to maintain an active dialogue with the public. We address a predominantly local and national area, where the educational and social role of the museum is deeply rooted.

It is essential that people come to the museum. The central challenge of these years will be to re-establish the direct relationship with visitors: rebuilding relationships with the public which over years of  constant work had become familiar with our institution  and which today risks to crystallize those behaviors that keep them locked inside their homes and prey to new habits for free time.



The history of the first Italian Civic Museum dedicated to the collection of modern public art.


Learn more about the Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Torino through its staff.


Internships and collaborations

The internship positions that can be applied for and the procedures for accessing opportunities for collaboration with the GAM are periodically published here.


Where we are

The GAM - Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art is located in Turin, in Via Magenta, 31.


Watch, play, listen

Get on board and navigate the art routes with authoritative guests, readings, insights, virtual visits and educational tours.

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Visit the Museum

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Explore all the events and exhibitions