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Past exhibitions


Jacopo Benassi. Criminal Self-Portrait

27 February 2024 - 2 June 2024

The GAM is delighted to present the exhibition which has come about following the arrival in the collection of the work Panorama di La Spezia [Panorama of La Spezia], 2022, acquired for the museum’s collections from the CRT Foundation for Modern and Contemporary Art

Caravaggio_Lo stupore è nuovo ogni giorno_2008_Ptoto Andrea Rossetti

Gianni Caravaggio. Per analogiam

1 November 2023 - 17 March 2024

GAM is happy to present the anthological exhibition of Gianni Caravaggio, whose work has been part of the museum’s collection since 2001. The exhibition consists of a nucleus of works created over a period of almost thirty years, from 1995 to the present. Five new works have been produced for the occasion.

Simone Forti_Illuminations

Simone Forti

20 October 2023 - 25 February 2024

GAM is happy to present an exhibition, in the spaces of the Video Collection, dedicated to Simone Forti (Florence 1935), one of the most influential artists in the development of contemporary performative practices.


HAYEZ. The romantic painter’s workshop

17 October 2023 - 1 April 2024

Art, history and politics intertwine in the major exhibition that the GAM dedicates to the romantic mastermind Francesco Hayez (Venice 1791 - Milan 1882), accompanying the public to discover the artist’s world and inside the painter’s workshop to reveal his techniques and secrets.


Michele Tocca. Repoussoir

22 June 2023 - 5 November 2023

GAM Turin is pleased to announce the exhibition Michele Tocca. Repoussoir, event realised as part of the winning project winner of the PAC2021 - Piano per l'Arte Contemporanea, promoted by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture.


Giuseppe Gabellone. Km 2,6

3 May 2023 - 1 October 2023

2,6 km is a video by Giuseppe Gabellone (Brindisi, 1973) from 1993. It is one of those rare works that is created very early on in an artist’s career, and yet, already seems to embody the entirety of an artist’s thinking.


Journey to the end of Statuary

4 April 2023 - 10 September 2023

GAM Turin continues exploring its own heritage by dedicating a chapter to Italian sculpture between 1940 and 1980 with an exhibition that presents 50 works made by 40 artists active during that time.

20_Mario Schifano_Doppio ritratto_1983

Alberto Moravia. I don’t know why I didn’t become a painter

7 March 2023 - 4 June 2023

GAM dedicates to Alberto Moravia an exhibition curated by Luca Beatrice and Elena Loewenthal as part of the project “Born To Narrate. Rediscovering Alberto Moravia” that the Fondazione Circolo dei lettori has conceived and installed together with GAM and the Museo Nazionale del Cinema in collaboration with the Associazione Fondo Alberto Moravia, Bompiani editore, and the Gallerie d’Italia.


Michael Snow

16 February 2023 - 16 April 2023

A film and a book, Wavelength, 1967/2003 and Cover to Cover, 1975: two works, two masterpieces in the history of cinema and artists' books.