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On site

The museum has parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities in the streets adjacent to the entrance, located both in Corso Galileo Ferraris and in Via Magenta.

You can reach the museum by public transport. The underground line guarantees access for wheelchairs (Vinzaglio and Re Umberto stops).

In the permanent collections, access is free for the people with disabilities and for their companion.
The rate may vary for temporary exhibitions.

All spaces are accessible.

You can borrow wheelchairs and strollers at the front desk.

The opening of the entrance doors is by hand and it pushes outwards.

On the ground floor, the emergency exits are accessible to wheelchairs. The museum is equipped with an elevator with Braille numbering on the internal and external buttons.

At the ticket desk it is possible to borrow tactile maps of all floors.

The rest rooms on the ground floor (ticket office area) are compliant with the law for people with disabilities and are equipped with a changing table for infants.

In the Permanent Collections there are multisensory cards with relief images of maps and a selection of works by the GAM; through QRcode it is possible to access audio description content in Italian, English and in LIS – Italian Sign Language. These contents can also be downloaded from the site.

The Education Department designs workshops designed for all types of public and specific activities dedicated to accessibility and inclusion. All the information and the complete program can be consulted under Education – Projects for accessibility and inclusion.

Italian Sign Language (LIS) video
Accessibility and inclusion
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The design and creation of the Fondazione Torino Musei sites followed the provisions dictated by Law number 4 of 9 January 2004, which establishes the rules to facilitate access to IT services by people with disabilities.

In particular, we applied the accessibility guidelines made available by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).