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Conference hall

The GAM Conference Hall can be rented by cultural associations or corporations for minimum periods of three hours. Specialised technicians can provide audio and video support during conventions and events. Rental rates include microphones and amplification systems; other available services include single or double slide and video projection, a laser pointer, an overhead projector and flip chart. Audio and video recording is also available with one or two cameras. Other facilities include the use of an overhead projector, a DVD or Betacam videoplayer, projection of laptop slides, projection of 16mm and 35 mm films.

Simultaneous translation and cloakroom facilities can also be arranged. The presence of a hostess is mandatory. 

For detailed pricing and technical information call ComunicazionImmagini: tel. +39 011 5171745 - fax +39 011 4476730 - mobile: +39 335 630.36.69 


Overall dimensions

- length (m): 25 
- width (m): 10
- height (m): 3.7 
- total floor area (m2) 300 
Theatre style capacity: seating for 300 
Stage/Platform 9 m x 2.60 m 
Speakers table Yes (8 seats) 
Podium Yes 
Amplification Yes 
Screen 4.75 x 2.45 
Phone lines Yes 
ISDN lines Yes 
Video Conferencing Yes 
Simultaneous interpretation Yes 
Entrance door width 180 cm. - height 230 cm.
AV Cabling Yes 
Wheelchair access Yes (to stage level also) 
Daylight Yes 
Dimming Yes 
Soundproofing Yes 

Reservations and technical information: Comunicazionimmagini T. +39 011 5171745  T./Fax +39 011 4476730 Mobile +39 335 6303669

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