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Videolibrary At a Glance

1333 Artist Videos – 1320 documentaries on the History of Art from the 19th century to today.

The Artist Video Collection is a unique example in Italy for its importance and the number of works. It holds some of the most significant pieces in the history of artist videos and films, from the 1960s to most recent research, with forays into the history of early 20th-century experimental cinema. Thanks to the support of CRT Foundation for Modern and Contemporary Art this collection is constantly growing.

The Art Documentary Archive holds some among the most remarkable Italian examples of auteur documentaries devoted to artists and movements of the world history of art. The acquisition policy pursues the dream of a comprehensive archive, able to commit to future memory as many images as possible of artists working in their studios, an archive where to preserve a trace of their gestures, their gaze and their words.