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Mostra Roy Lichtenstein

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GAM is proud to present an exhibition of one of the great American artists of the twentieth century, Roy Lichtenstein, renowned for his works based on comic strips and advertising imagery, coloured with his signature hand-painted Benday dots. For the first time in Italy, 235 masterpieces will showcase the origins of such key paintings.
Along with the drawings, spanning a period from the early forties to 1997, the Exhibition also shows some sensational large paintings and a photographic documentation witnessing the artist at work.
Room after room GAM's Exhibition pays tribute to his extraordinary oeuvre, celebrating the visual power and intellectual rigour of Roy Lichtenstein’s work.

"Drawing is the basis of my art. It is where my thinking takes place. It is a big part of my painting. The paintings are always the same, only larger. But they may not get at all better. I am not thinking it up while I am actually doing the painting. A certain spontaneity is lost. Drawing has more interesting traces..."
Roy Lichtenstein

Percorsi didattici

In occasione della mostra il Dipartimento Educazione GAM propone un ricco programma di attività con laboratorio e incontri formativi, suddiviso per tipologie di pubblico e fasce di età (scuole, famiglie, insegnanti, persone diversamente abili).

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Serate ed Eventi

Anche agli adulti piace conoscere “facendo” e “sperimentando”. Il programma di eventi ARTINLAB e POP PEOPLE propone al pubblico workshop e serate in museo in chiave Pop alla scoperta della mostra dedicata a Roy Lichtenstein.

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dal 27/09/2014 al 25/01/2015
dal 27/09/2014
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